Rogers Waters considers concert in Cúcuta a meddling trick

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The British musician and singer Rogers Waters is today in Uruguay an active referent of the denunciation of meddling plans against Venezuela in the field of artistic spectacle.

Local digital media maintain the video placed by the artist in the social networks, in which he maintains that the concert organized for this weekend in Cúcuta, Colombia, is ‘a trick’ that has nothing to do with ‘the freedom or needs of Venezuelans’.

Waters spoke to millionaire artist Richard Branson, to whom he points out that ‘he bought what the United States says about the February 22nd and 23rd convocation there.

He warns him not to let himself be ‘led under false pretences towards a change of regime’ in order to express to him that ‘what do we really want, Venezuela to become another Iraq or Syria or Liba? No, I don’t’.

The former members of the famous Pink Floyd group dismissed reasons for the humanitarian aid, which they considered politicized by the United States and the internal opponents who serve them and he denied the existence in Venezuela of civil war, chaos, murder and mass arrests.

They have a true democracy, stop the attempt to destroy a country only so that 1 percent (the rich) can take over their oil,’ says the tweet of the musician who a few months ago packed Montevideo’s Centenario stadium in a great concert.

(Taken from PL in Spanish)

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