OAS defeated by electoral victory of MAS in Bolivia

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Lima, 19 Oct (Prensa Latina) The alluvial electoral victory of the socialist Luis Arce in Bolivia left a trail of defeats among which, due to the magnitude of the setback suffered, the Organization of American States (OAS) stands out clearly.

The old and discredited entity and its Secretary General, Luis Almagro, propitiated the coup d’état of October 2019, in complicity with the US government of Donald Trump.

They created the climate for the coup with a report and comments from the members of the mission that Almagro sent to observe last year’s elections, about alleged irregularities, so inconsistent that they did not even include the word fraud, which the Secretary General did use to light the coup bonfire.

This way, he enthroned a de facto government that suffocated popular protests of rejection in blood and fire, while the OAS, the supposed defender of democracy, did not show the slightest concern.

Nor did Almagro say anything about the obvious attempts by the head of the regime, Jeanine Áñez, to extend her term and even to run as a candidate, and the maneuvers she used to postpone the elections that should have been held in May this year.

The elections were achieved with the popular mobilization, also repressed by the government created by the OAS and its internal ‘centrist’ accomplices, with no word from Almagro, who reacts hysterically when a progressive government denounces any illegality of the opponents.

The OAS plot on the alleged fraud, whose falsity had been demonstrated by MAS and independent sectors in Bolivia, was thunderously shattered last June, when a report by the US newspaper The New York Times showed its inconsistency.

It is not worth returning to the technical discussion about the report that cost the Bolivian people their blood, since everything ended up becoming clearer with the elections, which were the event that would define whether MAS had majority support to win in the first round, that is, whether or not there was the fraud that validated the OAS in 2019.

And Arce won the presidency with 52.4 percent of the votes, in the first round and with several percentage points more than those obtained by Morales last year.

The resounding result also validated the triumph in the first round by having more than 40 percent of preferences and ten points more than former governor Carlos Mesa, the right-wing card, defeated this time by Arce.

If the result is a victory in the first round, it will not be possible to sustain the thesis of the electoral fraud of last October,’ wrote Lourdes Montero, columnist for the newspaper La Razón and opponent of the MAS, before the elections.

In fact, the result of these elections makes unnecessary any pretension by the OAS to become a supranational electoral tribunal that would grant a certificate of quality and cleanliness to the elections in the region and their results.

The role played by the OAS is of such magnitude that the Peruvian international analyst Alberto Adrianzén, pointed out that Almagro should resign and the members of the mission that left a trail of blood and crisis in Bolivia should be investigated.


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