Rodolfo Rodriguez, a glory from Contramaestre

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Rodolfo Rodríguez Benítez, Contramaestre remembers you this November 23rd as an illustrious martyr of its people, an outstanding son of the town of Baire; your light will always be at the top of the podium, and everyone will evoke you because your example will remain alive in our daily work.

At only 20 years old you said goodbye to life, extinguishing your tireless guerrilla armor. Column 9 of the Third Eastern Front Mario Muñoz Monroy, took you in to prove the worth of a rebel with a cause, behind a dream land of fertile, patriotic principles.

The combat in the barracks of El Cristo immortalized you by fighting with claws against the hosts of Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship; but the machine gun that accompanied you did not fall in vain, because you became a living legend, a torrent of eternity.

The July-26 Movement still speaks of your deeds, with a special emphasis on the white, red, green and black flag as a symbol of peace, blood, hope and mourning; whose insignia designed by your own hands you placed on the heights of the former store of La Libertad en Contramaestre, to light the flame of insurrection in the plain.
José Martí’s books accompanied your backpack to learn from his wise, from his doctrines; hence the phrase: ¨Look at me, mother and don’t cry for me¨, marked one of your letters dedicated to your Artemia Benítez, a very humble Cuban, who always respected your steps.

Without a doubt, this young man was judicious in his character, and at only 15 years of age he rose to demonstrate his revolutionary passion, to reaffirm his ideals for a country in need of freedom.

At 62 years of his fall in combat, Contramaestre venerates the absence of his son Rodolfo Rodríguez Benítez, an intrepid soldier who multiplies in time and in different generations, as a pure man of renown, who transcends in the memory and glory of his people.

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