New outbreak of Covid-19 and child care in Contramaestre

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In Contramaestre, a municipality in eastern Cuba, the family and mainly the parents have been given advice to keep their children healthy, especially now in the presence of a new outbreak of the Covid-19.

The recommendations arrive to this media through Dr. Mirna del Pilar Rosales Cabrera, pediatrician at the General Hospital Orlando Pantoja Tamayo, in charge of the Children’s Ward for Non-Specific Fever Syndrome.

The physician explained that the care and prevention must be daily in the middle of the pandemic, but if it is about infants with chronic respiratory problems the care must be carefully taken; that is why for this group the main recommendations are focused on avoiding close contact with people who have acute respiratory infections, fever or cough, hence it is vital to wash their hands frequently using an alcohol-based disinfectant or soapy water, especially after contact with sick people and after coughing or sneezing.

Frequent cleaning of utensils commonly shared in schools and childcare settings, such as toys, pencils, musical instruments, computers and doorknobs are among the preventive measures to consider with infants, as well as avoiding sharing glasses, dishes and other utensils that may be contaminated with saliva.

Finally, Dr. Mirna Rosales Cabrera, a pediatrician at Orlando Pantoja Hospital, said routine checkups and vaccinations of children are essential, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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