Maria Carla, a girl genuine follower of Jose Marti

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Maria Carla Fernandez Cabrera, is a girl who has just 11 years old and she is a genuine follower of Jose Marti;her parents are proud of her school grades and immense spiritual values.

Many of us believe her to be the Pilar of the Golden Age, we even call her Nené Traviesa, because she is one of those girls who gets together once a week, to do good things that help human improvement and the usefulness of virtue.

When COVID 19 entered Cuba and the education system decided to suspend classes, because the best vaccine was to stay home, Maria Carla understood very well the danger and the measures needed to take care of her life.

María Carla shares a message from Martí, addressed to the entire Cuban population, especially to the people of the municipality of Contramaestre.

“Stay at home, comply with all hygienic measures, to use the nasobuco, wash your hands constantly, and, as the President (of Cuba) said, not to kiss, but I love you with my heart.”

Adyanis Castillo Licea

Adyanis Castillo Licea


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