Right-wing ideological stance against Cuba criticized in Spain

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Havana, Nov 23 (RHC) The deputy spokesman for Unidos Podemos (UP) in the Spanish Congress of Deputies, Enrique Santiago, on Monday reproached the right-wing Popular Party (PP) for its ideological stance against Cuba and its servility to the US.

Santiago rejected a non-binding bill presented by the PP in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House, which sought to condemn the island for the alleged detention of political prisoners.

During the debate on the initiative, the deputy of the UP, a leftist alliance integrated into the coalition government of Pedro Sánchez, criticized the fact that the right wing has a sectarian vision of the international reality that is so pernicious for the foreign political action of the Iberian country.

The also parliamentary spokesman of Izquierda Unida and secretary general of the Communist Party of Spain demonstrated, with clear arguments, the serious technical and criteria failures that the PP proposal suffered from.

“They even call the uprising of the Cuban people against the dictatorship of (Fulgencio) Batista, who expelled the dictator, a coup d’état,” he said.

“According to his proposal, Cuba should be condemned by this House as a result of a resolution of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, which is not a good example,” he argued.

The deputy also reproached the party led by Pablo Casado for taking advantage of the opportunity to include a condemnation of Nicaragua and Venezuela, despite not having mentioned any reason in the text.

“They are ideologically obsessed with these countries, however, they are not worried about the repression in Chile, Brazil, Colombia or the one suffered by the Bolivian people during the recent dictatorship of Mrs. Añez”, denounced Santiago.

He urged them to demonstrate their respect for the norms of international law and to condemn the illegal blockade that the US maintains against Cuba, “against a brotherly people, as the UN General Assembly has done so many times, practically unanimously,” he emphasized.

(Taken from RHC)

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