Cuba Baseball Team to CANAM League

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Cuban baseball will once again be in the Canam League, according to an article published in the weekly JIT. The news had its prologue last June 7Cuban baseball will once again be in the Canam League, according to an article published in the weekly JIT. The news had its prologue last June 7, when Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla wrote on his Twitter account from Toronto that the baseball selection was waiting for Canadian visas.

This has been a strike zone pitch, the result of dialogue and bilateral efforts, and at the same time it crowns the last phase of preparation of the cast of the Largest of the Antilles for the Lima Pan American Games, next July, where the squad led by Rey Vicente Anglada seeks to regain a title they last won in 2007, in Rio de Janeiro, precisely under the leadership of Anglada himself.

The mentor had told Granma at the beginning of the preparation, specifically on March 24th, that after the second visit to Mexico (already finished early this month) he would leave for the Canam circuit. At that moment he assured that from that group of 27 or 28 baseball players the base or more than 90% of the future team would come out to the Lima event, and he also expressed that winning the Pan American Games was not a chimera.

Jit also reflected the statements of Yovani Aragon, national director of the discipline, who said that the group of 28 players will leave for Canada this Wednesday and said that “the presence on Canadian soil will allow to face the visa procedures to the United States, so as to participate in the traditional match planned for North Carolina, from July 2 to 6.

According to the source, Aragon reported that the announced match with Nicaragua remains in force, but after July 7.

This is the group of 28 players:

Catchers: Frank C. Morejón Reyes, Yosvany Alarcón Tardío, Yunior Ibarra Araque and Alfredo Fadraga Pérez.

In-field Players: Yordanis Samón Matamoros, Carlos Benítez Pérez, Raúl González Isidora, Jorge Enrique Alomá Herrera, César Prieto Echevarría, Orlando Acebey Gutiérrez and Andrés Hernández Díaz.

Fielders: Yoelkis Guibert Stevens, Yuniesky Larduet Domínguez, Yoelkis Céspedes Maceo and Frederich Cepeda Cruz.
Pitchers: Wilson Paredes Céspedes, Frank L. Medina García, Pablo Luis Guillén Díaz, Pedro Álvarez Jiménez, Yariel Rodríguez Yordi, Misael Villa Santos, Yosimar Cousín de la Rosa, Lázaro Blanco Matos, Freddy Asiel Álvarez Sáez, Rafael Sánchez Thopé, Norge C. Vera Aldama, Yudiel Rodríguez León and Roberto Hernández Navarro.

The management team is completed by Luis Jova Quey, Miguel Rojas Rodríguez, Juan de Dios Peña Maribrán, Javier Gálvez Córdova, Ricardo Eizmendiz Domínguez, Víctor Figueroa Figueroa Figueroa and Guillermo Carmona Casanova. Francisco Montesinos Flores is the staff physician; Javier Pérez Peña, the physiotherapist; Jorge Sile Figueroa, the scientist, and Juan Enrique Orozco Maya, the delegate.

(Taken from Granma in Spanish)


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