Russia rejects Trump’s threats over military ties between Moscow and Caracas

The Russian government indicated that the United States should leave the countries where its troops are located before suggesting others leave somewhere, alluding to Trump’s threats about military ties between Moscow and Caracas.

“Before suggesting someone leave somewhere, the U.S. must implement its own exit concept, particularly from Syria (…) a month has passed and I would like to clarify, did they leave or not,” questioned Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman María Zajárova, highlights Telesur.

This declaration arises in the framework of the pronouncement of the American president, Donald Trump, who said from the White House (headquarters of the Executive) that “Russia has to leave” Venezuela and reiterated that “all options are open”.

Trump referred to the two Russian military planes that arrived in Venezuela last Saturday with specialist personnel, according to the technical-military cooperation treaty that exists between the two countries, signed in 2001.

“Before getting involved in the legitimate interests of other states, I would advise the U.S. administration to also freely implement the promises that were made to the international community,” she said.

Zajárova insisted that the countries that promote the coup d’état against the government of Nicolás Maduro are the same ones that, under pressure from Washington, “frozen, let’s call it diplomatically, 30 billion dollars from Venezuela, but in general simply stole that money.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has described as cynical and hypocritical the U.S. intrusion into internal affairs by interfering in its bilateral cooperation program with Russia.

(Taken from RHC in Spanish)

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