Accountability Moves Forward in Contramaestre

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Contramaestre.-In this municipality, the schedule of accountability meetings of the delegate to his constituents progresses as planned. This is the second edition of the Seventeenth term of office of the Local Organs of People’s Power.

Since the government-people exchange began on October 1, 2019, the districts Patricio Lumumba and Bungo-La Venta held 66 and 29 meetings, respectively, to meet the plan.

Recurrent issues took up the interventions in these scenarios: environmental hygienization, arrangement of outlets in the water distribution network, improvement of access roads and pruning of trees in areas at risk to human life.

The accountability of the delegate to his constituents in the Seventeenth term of office of the Local Bodies of People’s Power also shows in Contramaestre the expressed and majority will of the people in support of measures to save energy in the face of the fuel deficit.

Until November 25th, the meetings with this purpose will be in progress in this territory, when they total the 687 foreseen in the schedule of open and public dialogue: government-people.

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