Thinking Cuba from rural communities

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“From the community we think Cuba” will be the central motto that will accompany the second process of accountability of the delegate to his electors corresponding to the seventeenth period of mandate in the Santiago municipality of Contramaestre.

This is the reason why the preparatory meeting for the democratic process was recently held in the demarcation of Pueblo Nuevo. It will be held from 12 to 25 November, with the opening in constituency 126.

The purpose of the training was to offer the twelve delegates of the constituencies the preparation on the main elements for the development of popular exchange.

In this regard, Damaris Sarmiento Duanys, secretary of the Municipal Contramaestre Assembly and who was in charge of the preparatory workshop, emphasized the quality of the reports to be delivered.

Sarmiento Duanys argued that the second accountability process should be a reflection of each constituency and District. Therefore, the management reports in the period of each popular representative must have clarity responding to the current conditions through which Cuba is going.

Days of voluntary work, educational talks related to the damages caused by the presence of the African Giant Snail in the economy and human health will be some of the activities that are already being prepared in Pueblo Nuevo and that will be related to this process.

Water and energy saving and social indisciplines will be other priority elements in the 28 meetings to be held in the rural territory.

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