Maffo-Moscow, in Contramaestre supports energy-saving measures

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With concrete actions, the Maffo-Moscow district of the Contramaestre municipality expresses its support for the Cuban government’s request to contribute to the economy by saving energy in each house, in each work center, in each company.

The Federation of Cuban Women of the Maffo-Moscow district is already engaged in the task of turning off unnecessary lights and carrying out activities that consume the most electricity before peak hours whenever possible.
Neighbors use the streets of their communities to support measures announced by Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez to address fuel shortages.

With the will to emerge victorious from this temporary situation, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) carried out an act of revolutionary reaffirmation. In this scenario, the inhabitants proposed actions to contribute to the saving of energy carriers from home. They also called for the control of the vital resource by institutions, companies and state agencies.

Not playing games with rumors and knowing how to explain real events will allow us to emerge stronger from this circumstantial situation. For this, it is also a citizen’s duty to be correctly informed.

Lucía Barrios federated manifests: “We from the homes, we contribute to the saving of energy. We have to ensure that our homes do not have lights unnecessarily turned on. That is what President Diaz-Canel calls us, and it is our duty to follow him and comply with what he asks of us

“It is necessary to cook early, iron before or after peak hours, also those who have electric machines to work as lathes, saws, welding equipment, and others, must do their work at those times as well.

But in this complex moment that Cuba is going through, not only is the exhortation to savings valid for the residential sector, but also the institutions, companies and state organisms control some attitudes that transgress the good actions that many do.

Residents of that district express that there is still individual and institutional carelessness because at 8:00 am you still see the street lights and sometimes at home it also happens.

Raúl Nápoles expresses his concern: “The same with transportation, because we see that sometimes we see state cars that pass by and do not pick up, there are buses with capacity but do not pick up. If the whole population makes that feeling their own, I think we can go forward, together we can.

This district commits itself to celebrating the 59th anniversary of the CDRs, the country’s largest mass organization, a popular holiday that is already Cuba’s tradition.

They assure both federated women and cederistas that the celebration of the 28 will be at the level that the country demands.

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