Investigations continue to dismantle U.S. calculated and deliberate political strategy to discredit Cuba

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A scientific study by Dalhousie University, Canada, maintains that the health symptoms reported by Canadian diplomats in Havana could be due to “sustained exposure to insecticides used for pest control. This result reveals that the U.S. government’s unfounded accusations on this issue have responded to a political strategy.

               Photo: Image published by CBC with some elements of the research.

An article published by CBC News on Thursday, September 19, about health symptoms reported by Canadian diplomats in Havana, refers to the results of scientific research led by Dr. Alon Friedman, from the Department of Neuroscience and Pediatrics at Dalhousie University, Canada. The research states that it is “brain damage caused by sustained exposure to insecticides used for pest control.

The results of Dalhousie University’s research move away from unfounded and scientifically unproven theories that mysterious weapons were used to attack diplomats.

This new hypothesis helps to clarify that the various theories of so-called “directional phenomena” and other euphemisms about alleged attacks are groundless.

The Cuban experts who have worked on the subject consider, in a preliminary way, that the hypothesis presented by the Canadian team is a serious explanation to substantiate from scientific research the reported symptoms.

The CBC article states that the Canadian Embassy and its diplomatic residences may have applied insecticides to combat mosquitoes, up to five times more frequently than usual.

Exchanges have already begun between experts from Canada and the Cuban team to advance research in our country.

Although the work of the Dalhousie University research team is carried out with scientific rigor, the Cuban team considers that, using a small and heterogeneous sample, it is difficult to reach definitive conclusions. It is not possible to exclude other explanations based on very common pathologies.

According to Cuban experts, when reviewing the public data on the health incidents of Canadian and U.S. diplomats with stays in Cuba as a whole, it is confirmed that not all of them present the same problems. In fact, many of the positive findings in some of the studies could be determined by subgroups of people with different medical conditions than others.

The use of insecticides in Cuba to combat mosquitoes has followed internationally established protocols, including World Health Organization and Panamerican Health Organization standards, and procedures established by the manufacturers of these chemical agents. The Cuban Ministry of Public Health is reviewing the issue in the light of ongoing research.

If anything has been confirmed over time, it is that the unfounded accusations and slander of the U.S. Government on this issue have responded to a calculated and deliberate political strategy to discredit Cuba.

(Taken from Granma in Spanish)

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