ExpoCaribe to Strengthen Caribbean Economy

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The ExpoCaribe trade fair, which will be held this year from June 19-22 at the Heredia Cultural Complex in Santiago de Cuba, has the confirmation of more than 130 Cuban companies and some 35 firms from 15 countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, Granada, Suriname, Saint Lucia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama and the Netherlands.

Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), as well as ministers, ambassadors and high representatives in the economic sphere of the Greater Caribbean and Europe, will also participate in the event, which is the second largest commercial exchange on the Island and the most important in Eastern Cuba.

During the fair, the Business Forum of the Greater Caribbean will be held collaterally, which includes a Business Round, as well as seminars on topics such as trade, transport, multi-destination tourism and investment.

Participants in the event will be able to enjoy other options, such as artistic presentations, fashion, culinary arts and visits to El Cobre sanctuary.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)


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