Fidel Castro starts Maffo Battle

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On December 10, Fidel Castro settled in the batey (village) of America Sugar Mill, where the Headquarters of the Rebel Army would be during the 20 days of the Maffo Battle.

The rebels took position and prepared to fight until victory, while the facilities of the Agroindustrial Development Bank (BANFAIC) was the headquarters of the forces of Fulgencio Batista, with provisions to resist until reinforcements arrived.

A apart from the modern weapons Batista’s soldiers had, the war planes started to bomb the areas surrounding the BANFAIC, regardless the civil and innocent people that would die as a consequence of the indiscriminate bombarding.

Many families had no other choice but leaving their homes to protect from gun shooting and plane bombarding. They went villages in the country side, and found shelter in the farmers houses until the battle ended 20 days later.

The hours of Batista Dictatorship were counted. Camilo Cienfuegos and Ernesto Che Guevara had approached Havana, after defeating all enemy forces they found on their way from the east to the west. And Maffo was decisive in the course of the liberation war, either for the Rebel Army and for Batista troops in the BANFAIC.


Written by Jorge Lora

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